Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hey everyone!

Reading all of Andrea's post with gorgeous pictures makes me feel really guilty for being so busy with everything else and not posting/videoing!

Just a quick update of what I'm working on right now, I'm preparing for my Cosmoprof makeup school exam and portfolio! Whooo! Exciting much. Been organising my models, looks, clothes, accessories and all!

(Okay, all my friends know I'm juggling like a hundred things at one go, I'm also working, getting paperwork ready, planning my upcoming Sydney trip, emailing a hundred people on top of trying to have a life meeting friends, spending time with family and most importantly my insanity workout!)

I think I would be posting up photos of my 5 looks, day bridal, night bridal, high fashion, runway and face painting (geisha & chinese mask thingy). So keep a look out for those!

Here are some looks/special effects I've been working on. Enjoy!

Bullet wounds to your liking? haha, maybe for halloween or something!

 Khalisah being my model for my mock exam; night bridal look.
 Just a small sample of my face painting I'll be doing. ;)

More to come! xoxo

ps. I'm sorry I don't own a facy camera like Andrea thus the iPhone quality pictures. Maybe if someone is willing to sponsor me..... haha. jokes na. I'll earn my own keep dammit! haha

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