Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dia Bella Nail Spa & Athens Hair Salon (Singapore)

*Update: Its been over a week now and my nails are still in mint condition. I worked, travelled and basically abused my hands/nails. I'm normally not a dainty female species (very chor lor) and I do a lot of work with my hands, and NONE! NOT A SINGLE BLING BLING DROPPED OUT! I'm certainly impressed by the quality of the nails/nail art! Well done Dia Bella!

So, Andrea and I went to get our nails done at Dia Bella Nail Spa and get our hair trimmed at Athens Hair Salon in Serangoon Gardens.

First Impressions:
It is a really nice and cosy place. Spacious and well decorated. The Dia Bella is housed within Athens so look out for the Athens sign outside.

8A Maju Ave
Singapore 556686

It is conveniently located within the heart of Serangoon Gardens, just opposite the My Village mall.
The nearest mrt is Serangoon Mrt.

Hygiene & Services:
We we impressed by the overall hygiene levels of the spa. The tool were welll sterilised an the tool baskets were kept neat and clean. The nail technician, Elaine was really neat, gentle and proficient.

Our Nails:
Andrea chose a plaid design that was done with Gellyfit gel polishes, which she loved!  
Each stripe was added layer by layer and too quite a lot of time. But the result was well worth the effort.

They recommended me to try out their Bridal nail art. I got acrylic tip extensions done to lengthen my nails. My nails were encrusted with Swarovski elements, pearls and heart thingyies. Perfect if you are a magpie and totally love your bling. It was interesting first experience with such girly long nails.

Overall we really love our shiny new nails! Hopefully it will last long enough.

Special Promo for our viewers:
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Thank you to the girls from Dia 'Bella :)

xoxo .M

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  1. You seem to have moved your saloon. Please let us know how we can redeem the rest of our contract with you.