Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Maybelline Magnum UltraComb Mascara


So the other day, Watson’s was having a crazy sale for their 24th anniversary or something like that so I went during lunch and picked up a couple of things. But mostly, i'll be reviewing the Maybelline mascara with the ridiculously long name.. like seriously.

I was also quite happy with the Boujour Touche Healthy Mix conclealer which is specifically for dark circles. I like the texture which was really smooth, slightly shear, doesn’t crease and the colour is kinda peachy toned. I’m wearing it in the photo below with the mascara.

So to the Maybelline Magnum Volum'Express UltraComb Waterproof Mascara

"Exquisitely curved to fit Asian eyelids, this neat little package delivers defined and sleek lashes with just one wiggle, effectively grabbing every lash from root to tip as it deposits a perfect amount of product with just one coat, voluming each lash by seven times with its unique collagen-filled fluid." [TODAYonline]

I’m comparing this to my current favourite drugstore mascara which is the Maybelline Volum’Express Cat Eyes waterproof. Why do they all have to have such bloody long names?

Anyway, I really like the comb of that one which is why is decided to try this.
This comb is really flexible which makes sure that you have to be gentle with your lashes. And as u can see, it doesn’t pick up a ton of product for each dip so you won’t make a huge mess on your eyelids. You might have to re-dip and use a couple more coats but it will prevent clumping.

Comparatively, it’s less volumising than the Cat Eyes but it also isn’t as hard and ‘crispy’ on the lashes, so it’s more comfortable to wear. Its less messy so I don’t have to be as careful with my application. And I think it’s also slightly easier to remove.

So below (on the left), I curled my lashes and applied 2 coats on the bottom and top lashes. I also lightly applied the Boujour Touche Healthy Mix conclealer under my eye. My eyes have been quite irritated and red the whole day.

Then (on the right) I removed all of it with a cotton square and the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover. I didn’t wash my face at all before taking the photo.

Colour me impressed, I really like the Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover.
Usually, there’s residue left behind at the base of my lashes, but there was absolutely nothing there. A few days later I used it to remove some really heavy and it worked just as well. If this remover work on me, it'll work on anybody..
 I just need to press the soaked cotton square against my eyelid, let it do it’s thang for abit, then wipe the rest off. Awesome..
My eyes are kinda sensitive, and this remover was really gentle and  didn’t make my eyes any redder than it was.


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