Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bleached/Colored Hair Care

Hi, this is my daily hair care regime post bleaching and dying. Hope you'll find it useful! 

List of products:

Pealaluce eL Shampoo 
Pealaluce eL Treatment 
Essential Damage Care Ultra Honey & Shea Butter 
Pantene Pro-V Intensive Treatment - Smooth & Silky 
Red Ken Color Extend - Radiant 10 Multibenefit Treatment Spray 
Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Hair Essence
Pantene Pro-V Night Miracle Leave on Creme Serum

Redken Color Extend Shampoo 
Redken Color Extend Conditioner 
Redken Color Extend Rich Recovery 
Redken Color Extend Total Recharge

-Do I wash my hair with warm or cold water?
Its recommended to wash with cold/cool water, but I don't like it so I use warm water.

- Do I go to the Salon for treatments?
I only went once, it was good but I feel that the same effect can be achieved at a cheaper cost with my home hair care.

- Do you style your hair with heat?
Yes, occasionally, however I use heat protective products prior to applying heat on my hair.

- Do you plan to go back to normal hair colours?
Maybe! Depends on my mood.

- Are you afraid you'd go bald from all the bleaching and chemicals?
Yes I'm so scared, thus I avoid belching my roots so frequently and trying to take the best care of my hair as possible.

- What salon do you go to to bleach your hair?
I go to Braddell Hair Salon which is owned by my friend's mom. Its located right outside Braddell MRT station. (Sorry I don't have the address do drop me a comment if you want it) Been going there for years. 

- How long have you been having bleached/coloured hair?
About 9 months. 

- Who dyes your hair?
Andrea does! Using Manic Panic & Special Effects Hair dye. 

- What is your next colour going to be?
I'm not sure too! Depends on the weather/mood/feelings of Andrea and I. HAHA. 

If you have any other questions for me just leave a comment!


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Trying out the Lip Rock

Hm should i do more videos like this?
What do you think?


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Crazy about Ombre nails

It's no secret that i love ombre nails and i really havnt done them in awhile. It's incredibly simple and actually quite fast, albeit messy.
The neons i used were all from the China Glaze collection. Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, Towel Boy Toy & Flying Dragon. I know this sounds bimbotic, but the first day i did this, kept getting distracted when i typed :P
I did the pastel ones my colleague Jessica during lunch time. The colours were from Karma Organic.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Mermaids and Fantasies

Exciting news to share! First would be my long awaited makeup video;

Some Sugarpill lovin'! Cannot wait for Andrea to pass me my Heartbreaker palette! YAY! And my very obvious green and purple hair which was originally like in the picture below. My hair is fading faster than you can say 'DON'T FADE!'. But strangely its fading faster in the front parts, like my fringe. Some people love the faded look but some say its not nice anymore! 

As you can see, my hair glows in clubs and I get loads of interesting looks and compliments from people around me! So if you're looking for an exciting change do visit Andrea's Rhetorical site to get awesome dyes, and watch our video on how to dye your hair at home to save up on cash! :D

I was very blessed to have the opportunity to work with a bunch of adorable kids who were acting in SDEA's Celebrate Drama Festival 2012's 'Just Stressed Lah'! This is half the cast! I entered and sat through their full dress rehearsal and right after it was over they came over to me and gawked at my hair saying I look like Katy Perry! :) So sweet!! I was so happy and I really enjoyed working with them! Answering their curious questions and laughing with them! 

Derrick from Dotxproductions  invited me down for a casual shoot with Miss Singapore 2012 finalist Nicole Olsen a few weeks back! Here's the outcome! 

She requested for a nude natural look, so many thanks to my trusty Urban Decay Naked palettes I managed to create a fresh sweet look for her! With a sweet braid and flower in hair its the perfect equation for the sweet and innocent look. Next we switched things up to a more sort of K-pop look?

Next up! I've been working on many gorgeous models and doing exciting makeup! My most recent shoot was with MDS Collections for their latest collection Summer Fling: It's Playtime. Took place at Tanjong Beach Club, from the sandy beach to the roof top. I did 2 makeup looks for both girls, and minimal touch up except for constant blotting of perspiration as it was SCORCHING HOT that afternoon! I always believe good makeup stays and looks good even under the worst conditions namely, heat and humidity! My secret is Urban Decay's De-slick Powder and lots of tissue! 

Hanli & Fiona was a blast to work with! Together with the whole MDS Team! I had a great time and enjoyed this amazing experience!

Hot girls, pretty clothes, amazing people; I love my job! 


Monday, 28 May 2012

Recent occurrences

First up, Marie and I did 2 collaborations last weekend. Here's just a teaser shot of Keline aka Urbandoll looking very adorably pleased with her hair. 

On Sunday i went to Flea market which happened to be near my house. I got OPI's I Lily Love You, which is a translucent glitter/flakie thing. Some jewel-like rings painted w nail polish, 1 of which i've given to my friend. And lastly i got 'caviar' beads for nails. Will film that then i get to trying it out.

Today i got a couple of things from Watson's because they're having another sale. I'm loving the Royal Blue, (they call it Dark Blue) Clio Waterproof Shadow Pencil. I've had blue hair for about 2 months now and i'm on a prolonged BLUE kick. I love Ardell lashes and they were on 20% off so i had to get them. I rarely wear falsies but i have plans of cutting these up for ease and comfort of wear. Hopefully i do a video for that so it makes slightly more sense.

Last but not least, i'm starting on Biotin, today will be Day1 so hopefully i'll see improvement in my hair, skin and nails in a months time. I've been hearing a lot about this in random videos so i thought i'd  actually try to start taking care of myself with vitamins. Once my annoying cough is over, i'm going back to exercise.. no more excuses.

Talk to yall soon,

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sugarpill in Singapore! Promo

I'm not sure if i mentioned this before, but Saturday evenings are usually the time i spend experimenting with make up before i go out for the night. Ever since going fully blue-haired, i've been reaching for Sugarpill's Royal Sugar loose pigment, which matches my Special Effect Blue Velvet hair perfectly. It's a striking bright blue with a brilliant burst of turquoise sparkle.
So let me break it down for you,

Eyebrows: Sugarpill Royal Sugar mixed with a tad of Sugarpill Poison Plum [tutorial here]

Sephora Eyeshadow Porcelain No.25, browbone

Sephora Eyeshadow Armelle No.32, all over the lid
Sugarpill Royal Sugar mixed with Sugarpill Poison Plum, in the crease
Royal Sugar mixed with Glamour Doll Eyes Foil Me, to create a gorgeous blue liquid liner
LA Splash waterproof liquid liner, Black, to accent the blue eyeliner
Sugarpill Hysteric loose pigment with abit of Poison Plum, lower lid

Dior Show Waterproof Mascara

MAC Sheertone Blush Coygirl

MAC Studio Fix powder foundation, NC35


Sephora Dazzling Violets reflex lipgloss

Special Effects Blue Velvet, dyed about 2 weeks before this photo was taken

Nikon D7000

Nikon 50mm f1.8

So now for the exciting part!

I, Andrea proudly present you Rhetorical my new online store.
For all you colour-addicts, i have bought Sugarpill Cosmetics, Manic Panic & Special Effect Hair Dyes to Singapore. And other equally exciting things in the near future

Special Promotion for Andrea&Marie fans!
'Like' and share Andrea&Marie's facebook page and Rhetorical's facebook page and get a 5% off all products!
When you place an order just send in a screen shot of your Facebook wall with the 2 page shares.

Much Love,

Monday, 30 April 2012

1 X Good One (Haul, Hair, Video)

Decided to sacrifice some sleeping time to update a little here!

2 Big news!!

1. I'm back from Sydney and spent money on makeup again! YAY!!

I got the Bobbi Brown Foundation & Concealer from Duty Free in Changi Airport before my flight and I really really love them both! I hardly/never touch my MAC ones anymore! 
The liquid foundation is pretty sheer but gives a nice glow upon application and blending into the skin.
The cream concealer (right) comes with a pressed powder (left) to set it. THIS BABY CONCEALS MY BAD EYEBAGS! So yes, hardly anything really does so two thumbs up! NEVER leaving the house without it EVER!!

I got 2 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencils in Woodstock (Superhot pink!) & Perversion (Jet Black) from Sephora ION in Singapore.
Swatches as seen below and I really like them both! 

Lastly I got Ardell's Heated lash Curler from A random cosmetic shop in Market City in Sydney. I got it for a pretty good deal of AU$15? They need 2 AAA Batteries to operate. Very easy to use and really curls my lashes and it stays that way the whole day! Down-side of it is that it take about 1 min to heat up! 

2nd Big News is that I bleached my hair! yay!! 

Here's my original Brown Hair (BORINGGGGGGGGG)
Here is the Chemicals that killed my hair:

After experiencing an itchy scalp, prickly sensations and a slight headache...

showercaps for ma earssssssssssssssss



I present to you a Golden Monkey 

Yes, Andrea bleached her hair but felt like she could not face the would thus she hid her hair under her make-shift hat using her jacket!

 Some shots from Andrea's cam:

SO, THE PLAN was to stay home for 24 hours in hiding with golden/orange AH LIAN hair BUT, 

I found guest at home upon arrival home and that I had to attend my grandfather's 81st birthday lunch celebration with my AH LIAN HAIR! Plan FAIL much! 

Thus, my whole family saw my 1 day of orange/gross hair and I am so thankful my grandparent's did not have a heart attack. :)  yay!

I went back to the salon after my lunch to bleach my hair another 2 times and dyed it a light color to get rid of the yellowish-ness.

This is the final result! 
(Taken with my humble iPhone4)

Who's the blondie now? hahaha. Its quite a bit of maintenance but having been blonde for 3 days. I don't think its that bad. Just tonnes of special shampoo, scalp treatment, hair mask and hair serum application.

Honestly I do scare myself when I see my reflection sometimes. Usually its when I walk past a dark window/glass at night, macham hantu siol. (Seeing a ghost) But majority of the time, I feel like a japanese/korean person.

Got a few compliments today and I'm happy with that :)

Love it or hate it, its something I feel I should do before I loose my freedom to strict nursing uniform codes again!


Ps. My very very late Hunger Games look! bahahaha. ENJOY!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Exciting much

I know.. we havnt posted a video in 2 weeks. 
But we've both been really busy.
Marie was overseas for 2 weeks and i've been planning a really exiting launch!
Stay tuned :D


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Neon & Pastels Easter Egg Nails

Polishes used:

CM Nail Art striper, Dark Purple
Yellow Polish, no brand
O.P.I, A Grape Fit
China Glaze, Towel Toy Boy
Karma Organic, Lovin' Lilac
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat
Karma Organic, Little Blue Box
China Glaze, Turned Up Turquoise
China Glaze, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
L.A. Girl MATTE, turquoise

If you try this please post it on our facebook page :)