Thursday, 22 March 2012

Practice makes Perfect

Call me slightly nuts but, I have an exam tomorrow and I'm still here on my laptop blogging!

Just wanted to share with you awesome people who read our blog ;)

Here are some raw unedited, hot from the oven pictures. (Except the 2 with lighting/settings changed)

Maybelline Gel Liner
Kajal Pencil
Naked Palette
MAC Crushed Pigment (Raindrop Moss Garden)
Solone Liquid Liner
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil (Zero)
Sephora Triple Action Ultrablack Mascara
Lashes from Bugis

Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette
Urban Decay Glide On 24/7 Pencil (Zero)
Paperself Lashes (Peonies, Small) 
Diorshow Mascara 
Maybelline Lipstick (Wine)

 Credits to Nicole Wong for her beautifully handmade outfits she kindly lent to me
Model: Suzanne Tan
Naked Palette
Naked2 Palette
Sephora Triple Action Ultra Black Mascara 
Lashes from random bugis shop
Solone Liquid Liner
Urban Decay Glide On 24/7 Pencil (Zero)
Maybelline Lipstick (Wine)
Elizabeth Arden Lipstick (Ruby Pearl)

On top of first makeup look,
MAC Crushed Pigment (Surf the Ocean; Dark grey & Silver)
Sleek Me Myself & Eye (Black Box)
NYX Lip Cream (Abu Dhabi)
Double set of lashes from Random Bugis Street Shop
Urban Decay Lip Gloss (the free one from the Naked2)

Credits to my Aunt Chai Yuan for allowing me to raid her super awesome walk in wardrobe and lending me her dresses and gowns.
Model: Cheryl Tay

BAHAHAHAHA! I had a blast spending time with Suzanne and Cheryl! Thanks for being my models! And credits to Andrea for taking the last 3 photos with her awesome DSLR. While the first 5 were taken using my handy iPhone :D

xoxo .M

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