Thursday, 8 March 2012

Last Saturday Night

I wore this out last saturday night, didnt film a video for it though. I actually started out with the thought that i'd do the smokey burgundy eye but then decided to do it a bit more purple with a more defined crease. And i used a NYX retractable eyeliner in Purple for the bottom.

I've actually just finished editing my travel make up bag video but i think i'll post it up next week 'cause i've already uploaded 2 videos this week. My usual lens (Tamron 17-50mm f2.8) is also giving me problems.. it has abit of white misty spot in the centre. so i need to get it cleaned this weekend. That also means that neither of us has filmed a video this week :/
Although... i could use my Nikon 50mm prime lens.. hmm

I also bought 4 very exciting glitter/holographic nail polishes this week! But i'll leave that for another post.

Ohhhh 1 last thing, after posting the hair video, we got like 30 new subscribers overnight! Woot so exciting! Thanks so much to all of you that subscribed :D


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