Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dia Bella Nail Spa & Athens Hair Salon (Singapore)

*Update: Its been over a week now and my nails are still in mint condition. I worked, travelled and basically abused my hands/nails. I'm normally not a dainty female species (very chor lor) and I do a lot of work with my hands, and NONE! NOT A SINGLE BLING BLING DROPPED OUT! I'm certainly impressed by the quality of the nails/nail art! Well done Dia Bella!

So, Andrea and I went to get our nails done at Dia Bella Nail Spa and get our hair trimmed at Athens Hair Salon in Serangoon Gardens.

First Impressions:
It is a really nice and cosy place. Spacious and well decorated. The Dia Bella is housed within Athens so look out for the Athens sign outside.

8A Maju Ave
Singapore 556686

It is conveniently located within the heart of Serangoon Gardens, just opposite the My Village mall.
The nearest mrt is Serangoon Mrt.

Hygiene & Services:
We we impressed by the overall hygiene levels of the spa. The tool were welll sterilised an the tool baskets were kept neat and clean. The nail technician, Elaine was really neat, gentle and proficient.

Our Nails:
Andrea chose a plaid design that was done with Gellyfit gel polishes, which she loved!  
Each stripe was added layer by layer and too quite a lot of time. But the result was well worth the effort.

They recommended me to try out their Bridal nail art. I got acrylic tip extensions done to lengthen my nails. My nails were encrusted with Swarovski elements, pearls and heart thingyies. Perfect if you are a magpie and totally love your bling. It was interesting first experience with such girly long nails.

Overall we really love our shiny new nails! Hopefully it will last long enough.

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Thank you to the girls from Dia 'Bella :)

xoxo .M

Monday, 11 March 2013

Eyelash Extension from De Perfect Beauty

When i was dyeing Marie's friend's hair i noticed that she has really gorgeous eyelashes but it wasnt falsies. She recommended this place, De Perfect Beauty. So i decided to try it out, why not right?
My friend Jessica was really interested in it so she went along with me.

Overall i really liked the result with the eyelash extensions.
But because my eyelids are really sensitive, especially so when i've just removed my eyeliner, it was quite an itchy 1 and a half hrs.

Update 2 weeks later:
It was quite strange that night when i took out my contact lenses, cause the extensions were so long that it brushed against my spectacle lenses whenever i blinked. Hilarious.
Removing makeup with cotton buds is not the most convenient thing, especially when you wear as much eyeshadow as i do.

I am not the most gentle and careful of girls so i dont really expect mine to last more than 1 month. A few stands here and there have dropped out already. If i does drop in your eye, it feels the same as a normal eyelash.

Special Promo code:
Andrea and Jessica

Mention this code when you visit De Perfect Beauty and enjoy 10% off their eyelash treatments :D

810 Geylang Road #02-47/02-48
City Plaza
Singapore 409286

Enjoy ;)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Youtube Partners and Sugarpill Afilliate!

Yesssah!! Marie and I started our channel 1 year ago and i think we can finally say we are getting somewhere :D
We became Youtube Partners like a month ago but due to our busy schedules, we havnt really explored it much.
So now we sorta earn from the ads on our videos, and if you are interested in the stuff they are advertising, click away :)
The best part is of course the Customized Thumbnails!

I changed a few of them last night, especially on our more popular videos so no more derp faces as thumbnails hahah..

And of course Sugarpill Affiliate!
Im sure everyone who know us will know that we are absolutely crazy for Sugarpill so we were pretty damn happy when we got it.
So if you want to get Sugarpill, click on the Sugapill banners on the side on our blog to buy it from their site and at the same time. By doing that, we would earn some commission from your purchase, so you guys can support our blogging and youtube channel :D

I would also like to add a special mention to our most popular video which garnered a crazy amount of views! It was the first time i did her hair and the video was quite terrible and hilarious.

Thanks guys for all your support :D

Friday, 1 March 2013

How to: Bleaching Short Hair - Cupcake Pink

Model for the day:
Jessica Lim

We dont claim to be trained professionals at hair so dont hate on us hur hur..

Products Used:
Ear Protectors
Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleach Kit 30vol
Special Effect Cupcake Pink