Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I am my hair.

Hey guys,

In all honesty, I get random strangers coming up to me and talking about my hair at least thrice a week. I'm from Singapore and i guess it's not particularly common?

On my way to work, on the bus, at the train station, in the toilet, while shopping, in the club, in elevators,  while eating.. you name it..
And at least half the people are middle-aged and they have the most enthralled look on their faces. The young people are usually just like, 'hey, cool hair'.
Whereas the older people would even strike up a conversation from the next table, while i'm eating.. What? Haha 

So the most recent funny story would be about this middle aged guy in the elevator. 
It was in the morning at my office building, and i got in the elevator and usually i have sunglasses on and headphones in, cause i don't like facing the world before noon. 
So this blue-collar man in his late 50s, gets in after me and he goes like (in singlish):
Man: 'Wa! Your hair so nice, how much you pay?'
Me: 'Oh, i did it myself.'
Man: 'Wa! Not bad ah.'
Me: 'Thanks, it's sort of a hobbie.'
Man: 'You learn from book ah?'
Me: 'No, from internet.'
Man: 'Ohhh..'
Me: 'Yea haha.'

*awkward silence for the next few floors till he gets off*

Another one:

I'm walking out for lunch with my friend and there's this lady and her friend walking from the opposite direction towards us. And as she passes me, she pops her head out, in front of mine and says with the most amazed look on her face: 'Wow i love you hair!'.
I'm like half stunned and half laughing, saying 'Thanksss' 

So here, some gratuitous hair shots.. Enjoy!

Oh and if any other rainbow-haired people have stories to share, please put it in the comments below.



  1. Shortly after dying my hair rainbow, a lady on the bus asked me if I did this to look like Delirium (from the Sandman comic). I had completely forgotten that it was two weeks before Halloween.

    1. hahah i havnt got a halloween-related comment yet

  2. I get a bit of abuse for my hair, and shall we say, negative attention? Mostly compliments though, and surprisingly the place where I was complimented the most was Saudi Arabia! Actually everywhere I went. The religious police weren't super keen on it though ;).
    I was wondering...what is that lovely green you have in there?

    1. aw.. that sucks..
      its iguana green from special effects

      we have a fb page now, would be awesome if u were to 'like' it