Monday, 11 March 2013

Eyelash Extension from De Perfect Beauty

When i was dyeing Marie's friend's hair i noticed that she has really gorgeous eyelashes but it wasnt falsies. She recommended this place, De Perfect Beauty. So i decided to try it out, why not right?
My friend Jessica was really interested in it so she went along with me.

Overall i really liked the result with the eyelash extensions.
But because my eyelids are really sensitive, especially so when i've just removed my eyeliner, it was quite an itchy 1 and a half hrs.

Update 2 weeks later:
It was quite strange that night when i took out my contact lenses, cause the extensions were so long that it brushed against my spectacle lenses whenever i blinked. Hilarious.
Removing makeup with cotton buds is not the most convenient thing, especially when you wear as much eyeshadow as i do.

I am not the most gentle and careful of girls so i dont really expect mine to last more than 1 month. A few stands here and there have dropped out already. If i does drop in your eye, it feels the same as a normal eyelash.

Special Promo code:
Andrea and Jessica

Mention this code when you visit De Perfect Beauty and enjoy 10% off their eyelash treatments :D

810 Geylang Road #02-47/02-48
City Plaza
Singapore 409286

Enjoy ;)

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