Saturday, 15 June 2013

Make Up Forever Academy- Final Exam

The topic for my final exam was Bridal makeup. Got my friend Ros to be my model and as you can see from the photos we had quite a lot of fun joking about while everyone is was being stressed with the exam. Oh and I made that hair piece from a lace appliqué and a comb, yay for DIY!

So now, i'm officially a Makeup Artist!
When my trainer presented me my cert, she said some nice stuff about me and ended off with 'colour runs in your blood' and that was probably one of the best compliments ever, apart from the time that Ros said 'Andrea can make god happen on your face'.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Make Up For Ever Academy

So after 1 year of delay, I'm finally in makeup school! Yay!
I chose Make Up For Ever Academy's Module 1 which is Fashion, Photography & Bridal Make Up. 
Week 1 was great, cant wait for next week :D


Make Up For Ever calls this eye shadow style the 'Banana' eye.

My autumn carnival inspired look for our first week's exam.

My trainers and classmates.
My model Yen and I.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Andrea with Bridal Nails? Whatt???

My bridal-esque nails from Dia Bella. It was my turn to try out the bling this month.
I was inspired by a few different photos that i saw on tumblr last year. That's actually my natural nails, i've never been able to grow them so long because they usually break and chip but with the gel polishes that Dia Bella did for me the previous round, i managed to grow them out. One thing i actually would like to note is that my previous plaid nails only chipped after a month and when they were soaked off, the gel came off quite easily and didnt leave ny nails gross and damaged (unlike previous experiences i've had with other nail places)
We also painted the underside of my nails cause they're always stained by all the hair and clothes dyeing that i do.

Check out Marie's diamond nails with the owl accent! How gorgeous and adorable are they right??? 
(I recommended her that combination btw haha)

Special Promo for our viewers:
to enjoy 10% off all services at both Dia Bella Nail Spa and Athens Hair Salon

Hope you guys enjoyed that :D

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Virgin Wax Experience @ Strip!

I have been officially welcomed to the smooth side by STRIP this afternoon!

For a good many years I've always avoided and found excuses not to go to a professional for my hair removal needs; Its not worth the price if I can do it myself, the pain, the shame, the time....Bla bla bla!!

However, my friend Weiying from SPA Esprit has been bugging me to give waxing a go, and assuring me that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Finally I gave in and allowed her to book me an appointment with Strip at The Cathay.

I was greeted by Weiying and her friendly staff, and was given a run through of the details I needed to know as a first timer. Before I started I was given a choice of squeezie stress toys and my waxing pack! In the pack there was a lot of wooden spatulas as the wax expert never double dips into the wax container for hygiene reasons, and wipes to freshen up your down there.

I was introduced to Lily, my wax expert. She was really friendly and made me feel really comfortable around her. Before I entered the really comfortable room, I told myself, okay, she's obviously seen a lot of vajayajays and mine would be no different!

My worried face HAHA!

I had a choice between the chocolate or strawberry wax, both looked really yummy actually!! Lily recommended the strawberry one for me.

Holding on to the pig and rabbit!

The first application felt really warm and quite comfortable. She left it on to cool, then she pre-empted me and the first strip was pulled off in a very quick swift motion, I felt barely any pain! Perfect! I relaxed a lot more as I was left smooth strip by strip! hahahaha

Lily has been practicing for about 4 years and she's now the senior wax therapist.

In about 15 mins or less everything was over and I was really happy to be on the smooth side.

Saw this really cue sign hanging on the door as I was leaving the waxing room!

Thank you Strip for being so awesome, bringing clean, hygienic, friendly wax services to the good citizens of Singapore (and other places as well)! I am definitely a convert and will visit Strip when necessary! Also, a huge thank you to Weiying for hosting me today!

Lastly, I would like to share with you that Strip & Browhaus are having an on-going promo in their 100AM outlets! 

Enjoy 50% off your first waxing treatment! Valid for one-time redemption at Strip Co-Ed 100 AM only!
Enjoy 50% off your first brow treatment! Valid for one-time redemption at Browhaus 100 AM only!

This promotion is valid till end April and it’s for any customers who are visiting our 100AM outlet for the first time.

Here are some photos of the awesomely swanky place!

I love the look and feel of their various outlets! I always feel very comfortable and at home!

Do check Strip and Browhaus out!


Monday, 15 April 2013

Win a Rainbow Hair Makeover

Hey Guys and Girls,
If you haven't seen this already, ENTER to win!
We can't wait to see all your exciting submissions :D


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

An Important, Painful Lesson

The most cruel thing next to not allowing me to have unicorn hair is the inability to apply makeup!

I've got a sty in my eye! :(

(No, this is not my eye, its a googled image, I'm too sad to even take a photo of it)


My sty isn't as big but it's located under my upper lash line and its just cruel! 

The whole of yesterday I was home and felt as though someone had punched me in my right eye! I brushed it off thinking I had rubbed my eyes too hard while asleep. But when I washed my face I found this little annoying sty right smack in the middle of my top lid!

It hurts when I blink and it just feels so tender and sore.

Just a little back ground, a sty is a tender, painful red bump located at the base of an eyelash or under or inside the eyelid. A sty results from a localized infection of the glands or a hair follicle of the eyelid. They are a result of clogged oil glands or infected hair follicles on the eyelid.

I immediately suspected that I got it from an older mascara which I used at my boyfriend's place for emergency use. 

This painful lesson has reminded me to always throw away old makeup, especially mascaras. 

Some tips for you to prevent this from happening to you (Save your souls!!!!) :

1. Never share cosmetics or cosmetic eye tools (such as lash curlers or eyelash combs) with others.
(Andrea and I are guilty of this, but we only do it when its really necessary)

2. Keep eye tools clean - Wash/sanitise your eye brushes, lash combs, lash curlers, basically anything that goes near your eyes! Even if its your fingers!

3. Discard old or contaminated eye makeup!!! - An infection is never worth the price of 'saving' your makeup to make it last longer. 

4. Keep all cosmetics clean - I always use a antiseptic wet wipe or alcohol swabs to clean my palettes and whatever I feel needs cleaning!

5. Do not touch the eye and surrounding areas - I know rubbing your eye feels good, but this is a good habit to have to prevent pimples too. I never like anyone touching my face since young, I would snap at  whoever! haha

So, lesson of the day is that hygiene is super important! This would be the first and last time I ever will nurse a sty :(

For those who have dirty makeup kits, go clean it now!! No excuses! 

xoxo. M