Saturday, 18 February 2012

Shopping Obsessions We Can't Stop!


My Internet is finally up and running after 3 days! I just did a mad rush of uploading videos and decided to do a quick post here.

First up is our mini joint haul video!
Here's where we shop!

Sleek Me Myself and Eye Palette
Z Palette- Large
NYX Lip Creams (Antwerp) & shopping-district also gave us a free NYX lip pencil ( Nepal)

From Sephora
Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash and De-slick Powder 
Bare Minerals Travel Buffing Brush from Sephora 

[Note from Andrea: This powder is Evil Shades Matte Silk, The Shine Killer. 
It's an amazing product, so super fine and silky on your skin. But because it's so fine its has a tendency to fly everywhere when you open in the jar even though there is a sifter (the holes of the sifter is a bit too large i think). So this is an excellent way to use this product and totally minimize wastage. I totally recommend this!]

From BHG Bugis
Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volume Express Waterproof Cat Eyes Mascara

From Bugis Street 
Feathery Lashes (Random Cosmetic shops on Level 1,2 & 3)

Currently my Niki Manaj inspired look video is taking FOREVER to upload (third time uploading it), it keeps saying Processing, grrrrrrrr, so I'll post that tomorrow or something! 


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