Monday, 28 May 2012

Recent occurrences

First up, Marie and I did 2 collaborations last weekend. Here's just a teaser shot of Keline aka Urbandoll looking very adorably pleased with her hair. 

On Sunday i went to Flea market which happened to be near my house. I got OPI's I Lily Love You, which is a translucent glitter/flakie thing. Some jewel-like rings painted w nail polish, 1 of which i've given to my friend. And lastly i got 'caviar' beads for nails. Will film that then i get to trying it out.

Today i got a couple of things from Watson's because they're having another sale. I'm loving the Royal Blue, (they call it Dark Blue) Clio Waterproof Shadow Pencil. I've had blue hair for about 2 months now and i'm on a prolonged BLUE kick. I love Ardell lashes and they were on 20% off so i had to get them. I rarely wear falsies but i have plans of cutting these up for ease and comfort of wear. Hopefully i do a video for that so it makes slightly more sense.

Last but not least, i'm starting on Biotin, today will be Day1 so hopefully i'll see improvement in my hair, skin and nails in a months time. I've been hearing a lot about this in random videos so i thought i'd  actually try to start taking care of myself with vitamins. Once my annoying cough is over, i'm going back to exercise.. no more excuses.

Talk to yall soon,

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