Friday, 15 June 2012

Mermaids and Fantasies

Exciting news to share! First would be my long awaited makeup video;

Some Sugarpill lovin'! Cannot wait for Andrea to pass me my Heartbreaker palette! YAY! And my very obvious green and purple hair which was originally like in the picture below. My hair is fading faster than you can say 'DON'T FADE!'. But strangely its fading faster in the front parts, like my fringe. Some people love the faded look but some say its not nice anymore! 

As you can see, my hair glows in clubs and I get loads of interesting looks and compliments from people around me! So if you're looking for an exciting change do visit Andrea's Rhetorical site to get awesome dyes, and watch our video on how to dye your hair at home to save up on cash! :D

I was very blessed to have the opportunity to work with a bunch of adorable kids who were acting in SDEA's Celebrate Drama Festival 2012's 'Just Stressed Lah'! This is half the cast! I entered and sat through their full dress rehearsal and right after it was over they came over to me and gawked at my hair saying I look like Katy Perry! :) So sweet!! I was so happy and I really enjoyed working with them! Answering their curious questions and laughing with them! 

Derrick from Dotxproductions  invited me down for a casual shoot with Miss Singapore 2012 finalist Nicole Olsen a few weeks back! Here's the outcome! 

She requested for a nude natural look, so many thanks to my trusty Urban Decay Naked palettes I managed to create a fresh sweet look for her! With a sweet braid and flower in hair its the perfect equation for the sweet and innocent look. Next we switched things up to a more sort of K-pop look?

Next up! I've been working on many gorgeous models and doing exciting makeup! My most recent shoot was with MDS Collections for their latest collection Summer Fling: It's Playtime. Took place at Tanjong Beach Club, from the sandy beach to the roof top. I did 2 makeup looks for both girls, and minimal touch up except for constant blotting of perspiration as it was SCORCHING HOT that afternoon! I always believe good makeup stays and looks good even under the worst conditions namely, heat and humidity! My secret is Urban Decay's De-slick Powder and lots of tissue! 

Hanli & Fiona was a blast to work with! Together with the whole MDS Team! I had a great time and enjoyed this amazing experience!

Hot girls, pretty clothes, amazing people; I love my job! 


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  1. Your hair is so beautiful!!!!! I have some serious dark circles so I want to look into that concealer! :)