Monday, 30 April 2012

1 X Good One (Haul, Hair, Video)

Decided to sacrifice some sleeping time to update a little here!

2 Big news!!

1. I'm back from Sydney and spent money on makeup again! YAY!!

I got the Bobbi Brown Foundation & Concealer from Duty Free in Changi Airport before my flight and I really really love them both! I hardly/never touch my MAC ones anymore! 
The liquid foundation is pretty sheer but gives a nice glow upon application and blending into the skin.
The cream concealer (right) comes with a pressed powder (left) to set it. THIS BABY CONCEALS MY BAD EYEBAGS! So yes, hardly anything really does so two thumbs up! NEVER leaving the house without it EVER!!

I got 2 Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencils in Woodstock (Superhot pink!) & Perversion (Jet Black) from Sephora ION in Singapore.
Swatches as seen below and I really like them both! 

Lastly I got Ardell's Heated lash Curler from A random cosmetic shop in Market City in Sydney. I got it for a pretty good deal of AU$15? They need 2 AAA Batteries to operate. Very easy to use and really curls my lashes and it stays that way the whole day! Down-side of it is that it take about 1 min to heat up! 

2nd Big News is that I bleached my hair! yay!! 

Here's my original Brown Hair (BORINGGGGGGGGG)
Here is the Chemicals that killed my hair:

After experiencing an itchy scalp, prickly sensations and a slight headache...

showercaps for ma earssssssssssssssss



I present to you a Golden Monkey 

Yes, Andrea bleached her hair but felt like she could not face the would thus she hid her hair under her make-shift hat using her jacket!

 Some shots from Andrea's cam:

SO, THE PLAN was to stay home for 24 hours in hiding with golden/orange AH LIAN hair BUT, 

I found guest at home upon arrival home and that I had to attend my grandfather's 81st birthday lunch celebration with my AH LIAN HAIR! Plan FAIL much! 

Thus, my whole family saw my 1 day of orange/gross hair and I am so thankful my grandparent's did not have a heart attack. :)  yay!

I went back to the salon after my lunch to bleach my hair another 2 times and dyed it a light color to get rid of the yellowish-ness.

This is the final result! 
(Taken with my humble iPhone4)

Who's the blondie now? hahaha. Its quite a bit of maintenance but having been blonde for 3 days. I don't think its that bad. Just tonnes of special shampoo, scalp treatment, hair mask and hair serum application.

Honestly I do scare myself when I see my reflection sometimes. Usually its when I walk past a dark window/glass at night, macham hantu siol. (Seeing a ghost) But majority of the time, I feel like a japanese/korean person.

Got a few compliments today and I'm happy with that :)

Love it or hate it, its something I feel I should do before I loose my freedom to strict nursing uniform codes again!


Ps. My very very late Hunger Games look! bahahaha. ENJOY!

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