Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Andrea with Bridal Nails? Whatt???

My bridal-esque nails from Dia Bella. It was my turn to try out the bling this month.
I was inspired by a few different photos that i saw on tumblr last year. That's actually my natural nails, i've never been able to grow them so long because they usually break and chip but with the gel polishes that Dia Bella did for me the previous round, i managed to grow them out. One thing i actually would like to note is that my previous plaid nails only chipped after a month and when they were soaked off, the gel came off quite easily and didnt leave ny nails gross and damaged (unlike previous experiences i've had with other nail places)
We also painted the underside of my nails cause they're always stained by all the hair and clothes dyeing that i do.

Check out Marie's diamond nails with the owl accent! How gorgeous and adorable are they right??? 
(I recommended her that combination btw haha)

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Hope you guys enjoyed that :D

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