Wednesday, 3 April 2013

An Important, Painful Lesson

The most cruel thing next to not allowing me to have unicorn hair is the inability to apply makeup!

I've got a sty in my eye! :(

(No, this is not my eye, its a googled image, I'm too sad to even take a photo of it)


My sty isn't as big but it's located under my upper lash line and its just cruel! 

The whole of yesterday I was home and felt as though someone had punched me in my right eye! I brushed it off thinking I had rubbed my eyes too hard while asleep. But when I washed my face I found this little annoying sty right smack in the middle of my top lid!

It hurts when I blink and it just feels so tender and sore.

Just a little back ground, a sty is a tender, painful red bump located at the base of an eyelash or under or inside the eyelid. A sty results from a localized infection of the glands or a hair follicle of the eyelid. They are a result of clogged oil glands or infected hair follicles on the eyelid.

I immediately suspected that I got it from an older mascara which I used at my boyfriend's place for emergency use. 

This painful lesson has reminded me to always throw away old makeup, especially mascaras. 

Some tips for you to prevent this from happening to you (Save your souls!!!!) :

1. Never share cosmetics or cosmetic eye tools (such as lash curlers or eyelash combs) with others.
(Andrea and I are guilty of this, but we only do it when its really necessary)

2. Keep eye tools clean - Wash/sanitise your eye brushes, lash combs, lash curlers, basically anything that goes near your eyes! Even if its your fingers!

3. Discard old or contaminated eye makeup!!! - An infection is never worth the price of 'saving' your makeup to make it last longer. 

4. Keep all cosmetics clean - I always use a antiseptic wet wipe or alcohol swabs to clean my palettes and whatever I feel needs cleaning!

5. Do not touch the eye and surrounding areas - I know rubbing your eye feels good, but this is a good habit to have to prevent pimples too. I never like anyone touching my face since young, I would snap at  whoever! haha

So, lesson of the day is that hygiene is super important! This would be the first and last time I ever will nurse a sty :(

For those who have dirty makeup kits, go clean it now!! No excuses! 

xoxo. M

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