Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Youtube Partners and Sugarpill Afilliate!

Yesssah!! Marie and I started our channel 1 year ago and i think we can finally say we are getting somewhere :D
We became Youtube Partners like a month ago but due to our busy schedules, we havnt really explored it much.
So now we sorta earn from the ads on our videos, and if you are interested in the stuff they are advertising, click away :)
The best part is of course the Customized Thumbnails!

I changed a few of them last night, especially on our more popular videos so no more derp faces as thumbnails hahah..

And of course Sugarpill Affiliate!
Im sure everyone who know us will know that we are absolutely crazy for Sugarpill so we were pretty damn happy when we got it.
So if you want to get Sugarpill, click on the Sugapill banners on the side on our blog to buy it from their site and at the same time. By doing that, we would earn some commission from your purchase, so you guys can support our blogging and youtube channel :D

I would also like to add a special mention to our most popular video which garnered a crazy amount of views! It was the first time i did her hair and the video was quite terrible and hilarious.

Thanks guys for all your support :D

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